To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.

(Akira Kurosawa, japonski režiser)

I shoot music videos, weddings, testimonies and other videographic projects. Lately I have been increasingly drawn to documentary filmmaking related to people's lives and cultural and natural heritage. I like to work on projects that have good content, related either to history, world events, individual achievements or are otherwise connected to real life.  

What kind of videos do I produce?


Sagor cantus – Jesus, I trust in Thee

A video of meditative Christian music, filmed with two climbers on an alpine wall.


A new look at solo singing 


Coming soon ...

MMORE Venice

The Integrum Institute

Amarilis School of Music

Small gift, big change


Poj in igraj za ljudi

Ansambel Zdomarji


Marko Padovac

Too Much Hanging Around


Kaj pa vidva?

Ansambel Roka Žlindre

Jaz sem luč sveta

Sagor cantus

Sanjajo mi rože

Martin Ramoveš Band

Anita ni nikoli

San di EGO / camera, lightning, color grading

Danes dekletce, jutri nevesta

Ansambel Gregorja Kobala / camera, drone


Deli Jezusa

Trailer for testimonies of the #deliJezusa project. 

Varuh v gorah

A testimony from Janez Dovžan. 

Duhovni vplivnež

A speech from the priest Urban Lesjak.