Analogna fotografija, Prešernov trg, po dežju.

Prešeren Square after rain. Photographed on film.

If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough.

(Robert Capa, photographer)

Photography allows me to get closer to life: to people on trips and weddings, to nature in the mountains, to culture at events.  I like to be in touch with the world, with people, with history. Through who I am, I share with others what I see, think and feel: the wonder of creation at sunrise in the high mountains, the frustration of social systems while walking through the slums, the joy of God at the exchange of rings during a wedding mass. Looking back, I can see how many insights my desire for photography has led me to, as it has driven me into the mountains, motivated me to travel, forced me to approach strangers, shown me the beauty of relationships within families, and inspired an admiration for local places, traditions and everyday tasks. I capture the colours, the soul of the world, in photographs so that in their light a seed may germinate in you: an impulse of wonder, joy, sadness or anger. 

Professional experience:

Poroka, gozd.

Most of my wedding photoshoots are in nature.

Kalon Minaret, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Kalon minaret, Bukhara.

Julijske Alpe, Slovenija, Triglav, Škrlatica, gore.

First sunrays on the peaks of Julian Alps (Mt. Triglav on the left, Mt. Škrlatica on the right). View from Mt. Stol.



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