Žiga Lovšin

Foto: Marko Petrič.

There is no absolutely safe way across.

(Andrej Štremfelj, Objem na vrhu sveta / Embrace on the top of the world)

I am originally from the hilly Dolenjska region, but in the last ten years I have been captivated by the higher world, the one where forests are replaced by ibex, grass, sand and rocks.  Living in the valley lulls me to sleep. I need physical strain, walking uphill, climbing over rocks and a little danger to realise the limits of what is possible and beautiful. Life below is all too often too safe, and these days we are particularly prone to this mentality of the supremacy of safety. I am driven to the mountains by the desire to exercise, to relax my mind, to experience the beautiful, to learn about culture and to record all that is beautiful through the medium of photography.  The gallery contains photographs of mountains, below the gallery are a few panoramic photographs, but first I would like you to read a poem by Milan Jesih, which is very dear to me in this context.

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A stone is glowing in the low soft light

A stone is glowing in the low soft light, 

no silver piece, and slowly peters out; 

the first of village windows flash to life; 

the sun sinks down between two teat-like mounts; 

in woods, the broadbacked wind has had its rest 

and hit the road again; the quiet song 

of girls, unhurried, folds into itself 

and ceases but still faintly lingers on, 

and all is as it’s ever been—I’d shout 

the unknown name of an unknown sweetheart 

to shake the staircase, ancient and worn out, 

which leads into the cold and purple skies, 

but I’ve a mask I will not stir without, 

and I’ll not bare my heart at any price; 

my gaze bent far beyond, I will exult 

as I burn time and watch it turn to dust. 

Milan Jesih

Mangart, Slovenija, sončni vzhod, Julijske Alpe.

Autumn morning on Mt. Mangart.

Pokljuka, Julijske Alpe, Slovenija.
Sončni vzhod, Mangart, Škrlatica, Triglav, Julijske Alpe, Slovenija.
Triglav, Škrlatica, Prisank, Julijske Alpe, Slovenija.
Raduha, Ojstrica, Planjava, megla, Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe, Slovenija.