Lately I’m getting more into video production, mostly wedding videography, commercial work and music videos. Here is some of my early work.

Music video for the new polka of Ansambel Roka Žlindre.

A short trailer for an Indiegogo project we shot in Venice. MMORE are making great organic and sustainable mobile phone cases. This time they're harvesting ancient oak wood from the pillars of Venice and turning it to something really special and unique.
An ode to cows on Velika Planina, one of the most recognisable places in Slovenia. Along with two other villages on this mountain plateau, this place is full of traditional wooden huts. In past times they were meant for shepherds on high mountain pastures.

Music video for Martin Ramoveš Band’s new single Sanjajo rože.

Ojstrica is a well-known mountain in Slovenia. It towers on the eastern side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and offers great views across the landscape. Few shots are also from the next day above Mount Kompotela on the other side of the same mountain group.