Springtime on Mt. Golica / by Žiga Lovšin

Mt. Golica isn’t especially high or difficult to climb, but during springtime it’s a very popular destination. People are hiking around here in order to see the blooming narcissi. This year the white flowers came out a little late due to a heavy snowfall in May. But when the slopes turned green and then back to flowery white, it truly was a magnificent sight to behold. I first went there with my friend Tina and returned a week later to do some astrophotography after a long time. Turns out I need to buy a wider lens, my Sony 28/2 is a bit narrow for the Milky Way. Hopefully Tamron will soon release the new 17-28! Anyway, a very short spring is quickly turning into summer and the “dry” mountaineering season can finally begin.

This was also my first chance of getting my new DJI Mavic 2 Pro above a mountain ridge. Not everything went perfect, though. I had some issues with the autofocus, but the footage is still quite good. I’m mostly impressed with the dynamic range of the 1-inch sensor. I’ll have to do further tests for focusing and resolution (the HQ mode should be a bit shaper than the Full FOV used in this video), so I can get the most out of this little beast.

Springtime with white narcissi and lots of hikers on the slopes of Mount Golica (1836). Karawanks, Slovenia. This was basically my first drone flight, so not everything is perfect - the autofocus is a bit off and the video has no real story. It's more or less just a test of my gear and the Spectrumgrades LUTs for the drone footage.