Ojstrica / by Žiga Lovšin

Logar Valley is one of the most iconic places in Slovenia. It’s on the far north near the border with Austria. Strangely I’ve never been there before. Well, there’s a first time for everything. We went there on friday afternoon and walked from Dom planincev up to Klemenča jama mountain hut at 1208 meters. This is a really nice and calm place under the norhtern wall of Mount Ojstrica. The conditions for the night ascent were almost perfect: nearly a fool moon, little wind, dry rock. The climbing path called Kopinškova pot is one of the most beautiful ones in Slovenia. At around 1800 meters on a ridge called Škrbina you’re rewarded with a view down into Robanov kot, the valley on the other side. Although we came there almost two hours before sunrise, we could see the valley quite clearly due to strong moonlight. From there you start the climbing part. The rock is solid and doesn’t crumble, at least until the last 50 meters. We reached the summit about half an hour before sunrise, which is ideal. You get to see the red dawn, slowly transforming into orange and painting the clouds on the other side of the sky with a purple tint. It really is magnificent. The views from the top (2350 m) are also great: you see almost the whole Kamnik-Savinja Alps mountain range and the Ljubljana basin. After a quick breakfast I recorded a few minutes of video with my drone, then we slowly started to descend via the path called Čez Škarje. Because we still had plenty of time, we visited the most known waterfall in the Logar Valley, the 90 meters high Rinka. On the way home we made also a slight detour to Kamniška Bistrica, another must-visit place in Slovenia.

Ojstrica is a well-known mountain in Slovenia. It towers on the eastern side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and offers great views across the landscape. Few shots are also from the next day above Mount Kompotela on the other side of the same mountain group.