The Košuta Ridge / by Žiga Lovšin

Slovenia is a diverse and lovely country. We have the Adriatic sea, the Karst region, the Dinarides and the Pannonian Plain with it’s wine growing hills. But for me the most beautiful part is the one with the mountains: the Alps. They are further divided into three groups. The highest are the Julian Alps, the lowest the Karawanks and somewhere in between lie the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Naturally I most often decide to hike in the Julian Alps, but beauty is not always height-related. When I walked from the mountain hut at Kofce towards the pastures of Šija and Pungart, I thoroughly enjoyed the modest views upon grass and trees, rocks and the blue sky. Fresh air and sounds of nature give you piece of mind. You brush your problems aside and just keep on moving forward. Cattle and sheep, although not present on high pastures at this time of year, remind you of a time when people were more deeply connected with nature. The Karawanks are a place where your mind can rest for a few hours and where you can enjoy the simple non-pompous beauty of the mountains.