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About the Photographer


I’m from Slovenia, a small but beautiful country in the heart of Europe. Now working as a dentist, I became interested in photography in 2012 during my studies at the Medical faculty in Ljubljana. Since then I’ve traveled to some really interesting places, but there is still so much left to observe, explore and learn about this world. I went to Madagascar as part of a humanitarian-medical expedition and to Bolivia with other volunteers to help in a psychiatric hospital. These were some of the best experiences I’ve ever had: staying among foreign people for longer periods of time, getting absorbed by their culture and living their way of life.


I tend towards a more documentary style of photography, looking up to the great works of Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, Fan Ho and my fellow countryman Matjaž Krivic. Apart from traveling I’m spending increasingly more time in the Alps, taking the camera with me wherever I climb. As a professional I photograph weddings.

Now working entirely with digital equipment, I experimented for a few years with film. Whether I shot the vivid Kodak Ektar, monochrome Ilfords or cheap Agfa Vistas, I made some of my favuorite pictures on the analog medium. Currently I’m using a Sony mirrorless camera with a 28 mm and 85 mm lens.

At the moment this website showcases only a little part of my work. For more pictures you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram. You can also read my blog if you understand Slovene or trust your browser to do a good job at translating. However, I’m working on moving all my blog posts here, so you’ll soon be able to read my stories in English.


Central Medical Library, Mountains, September 2018 – April 2019
Central Medical Library, Madagascar, Jan. 2015 – Dec. 2016
Ljubljana University Medical Centre, Bolivia, November and December 2016
Festival Bivak III, Hostel Celica, India, October 2016
Medical Faculty, Bolivia, March 2016
Gimnazija Želimlje, Bolivia, October 2015
Festival Stična mladih, Madagascar, September 2014
SMC Rakovnik, Madagascar, March and April 2014
Sodražica Primary School, Madagascar, December 2013

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